Business Writing

It all starts with “Why?”

There’s much talk today in marketing circles about stories and storytelling. It’s for good reason. Those who do it well, will see their voices rise above the noise and onslaught of 24-hour-news and information overload.

We help you find, develop and hear your corporate voice, drawing it out for you and saying it out loud in a way that resonates authentically to your ears and those of others. It represents what you stand for. And it all starts with one word, one question: Why?

From there, all of your corporate stories will flow naturally and authentically.  It’s that kind of distilling down to the bare bones that will connect you with your foundation, and what we reflect when you hire us to write your content for you. We write letters, emails, news releases, speeches, power point presentations, opinion columns and feature stories that cover your business and industry. Our proprietary process will leave you with a strong and powerful corporate narrative, also known as a signature story. When you know your story, and can articulate what you are all about, you are communicating from a starting point of strength, integrity and authenticity. Using your corporate narrative to inform all of your corporate communications, via traditional- or non-traditional (social) media channels, will leave you miles ahead of your competition.

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Paula Arab