W. Finbarr WilsonAssociate

Finbarr is Paula Arab & Associate’s Calgary-based associate. He is a writer, photographer and designer whose work is largely focused on Canada’s energy industry. An acclaimed content strategist, Finbar writes and develops competency-based training programs and materials based on industry best practices. He leads projects and strategic initiatives, distinguishing himself by his ability to interpret, analyze and communicate complex materials in a simple and straightforward manner, including technical and dry legal regulations. Finn’s work includes being a program development specialist for Energy Safety Canada, where he identified and developed training needs, materials and best practices for the oil and gas sector. He also builds online training courses, technical documents and user guides for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAAP). Joint projects with Paula Arab & Associates include writing the first annual report of the newly merged Alberta Environment and Sustainability Department; the Emergency Preparedness Guide for Hazards Associated with Wildfires, and Process Safety Management Event Reporting Guide for CAPP; and content creation for the Trans Mountain Expansion project.