A highlight this year was ringing the TSX bell for newly listed tech start-up BLOCKStrain (now TruTrace Technologies). We excel at helping publicly listed or soon-to-be publicly traded companies with all of their communications needs – from public relations, media relations and investor relations to business-to-business communications and crisis communications.

Since moving to Vancouver, there is no shortage of startups in the tech and cannabis sectors looking for help in communicating their stories to their retail and institutional investors. My many years covering Toronto’s Bay Street as a national business reporter for The Canadian Press, has left me with an institutional knowledge of the capital markets that I forgot I had.

This has served my client well. It is a joy to advise and guide my clients in a number of areas, from prepping them for media interviews, to guiding them through the regulatory reporting requirements, shareholder concerns, governance and investor expectations, and the reporting of quarterly earnings.

The market is now open.

Paula Arab at the Toronto Stock Exchange Market Open.

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  • So very true Alison and that poem should be read every chance we get as a reminder of what we all and the country can aspire to be. Elmira Rubin Lehmann

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