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To influence decisions and opinions through compelling communications that bridge facts with emotion to engage, inspire and ignite action.


We are a diversified group of non-conformists helping organizations and industries communicate and compete in today’s disrupted economy and non-traditional world. We don’t soft pedal, or tell you what you want to hear. We listen long, hard and carefully. Then we tell you what you need to hear, but constructively and with solutions and strategies that help you move forward with integrity, honesty and success. Our strategic counsel and strategies include planning for the unexpected, which is the one thing you can expect that remains constant in today’s ever-changing business world.


Strategic Communications

We are forward-looking strategists who drive planning for both the expected and unexpected events in your corporate calendar. Our clients operate from a pro-active communications strategy rather than reactive but have the ability to respond effectively when crisis and disruption hit. Read More

Crisis Communications

It’s news because it’s a crisis. Our skilled team of former reporters and top PR executives are well-positioned to help you sail through the rough waters of controversy as we have been on both sides of the camera throughout some of North America’s largest natural and corporate disasters. Read More

Thought Leadership

We get paid to think, so who better than us, as recognized thought leaders, to help make you famous for your expertise? Read More

Business Writing

We offer clear, compelling and accurate communications that resonate and inspire action. We are experts in storytelling and the capital markets. It’s the perfect combination. Read More

Corporate Voice

Long-time editorial writer and journalist Paula Arab shares how a strong institutional voice is the secret to amplifying your messages without getting into trouble, while meeting the demands of today’s 24/7 social media world. Read More

Media Training

Traditional media training has failed to keep up with traditional media and the crisis it faces. Shrinking newsrooms and fewer reporters makes it more challenging but not impossible to get coverage. Learn how to tell your stories, interact with reporters, and be your own publishers, reporters and videographers in our proprietary media training and custom workshops. Read More


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The advantages of Municipal Forestry

If you are now living an metropolitan area, you’ve probably heard of municipal forestry. It will involve the care and attention, management, and programming of trees within the urban environment. There are many benefits to city forestry, but they aren’t at all times clear. Here, we’ll check out some of them. You will want to

How to Start an Online Business

Starting an web business can seem like an easy approach to make money. You don’t have the high overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar retailer, and you have the added benefit of reaching a global customers. However , creating a successful online business requires equally as much work as establishing a storefront, as well as the

Contemporary Technologies and BBQ

The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and which means another justification to start a barbecuing party. Traditionally, grilling and barbecuing had been grand American traditions. Yet, with the associated with modern systems, the practice of barbecuing has grown in popularity. But they have technological advancements improved the barbeque? Weighing the benefits and disadvantages

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