Welcome to my newly imagined and rebranded website

When I envisioned a web redesign last year, I knew we were in a period of transition but I never imagined change would come tumbling down like an avalanche. Few could have predicted the kind of disruption to our professional and personal lives that this global pandemic has thrust upon us.

Mass-k Confusion; A lesson in mixed messages and crisis communications

The wearing of masks has very much become a political issue, between those wearing them to make a statement against U.S. President Donald Trump, and those not wearing them, arguing for their personal rights and freedoms.


A highlight this year was ringing the TSX bell for newly listed tech start-up BLOCKStrain (now TruTrace Technologies). We excel at helping publicly listed or soon-to-be publicly traded companies with all of their communications needs – from public relations, media relations and investor relations to business-to-business communications and crisis communications.